A glimpse into the Wecord Universe

WeCords’ self-portraiture started with that of a British master of the craft in jewelry making.
But our mission transcends beyond the craft, we pride ourselves on being able to offer an unmatched high quality, with a unique, remarkable experience.
We thrive on redefining luxury and its price tag. Our aim is to make the extraordinary accessible for everyone.

A tale of continuity and change

Purely Londonize jewel modeled by expert hands who had the ingenuity to combine the ancestral tradition of nautical knots-making with a modern British touch.
A Showcase of brilliant craftsmanship and technique along with a revamped contemporary design that resulted in a delicate mix between continuity and change; a dainty adornment is born, one that travels on the wearer as a subtle form of art.

Our commitments go beyond quality

Sustainable development is inscribed in WeCord’s vision, that of a prosperous brand founded on strong social cohesion as well as the total respect of the environment and working conditions.
This is manifested in honoring the protection of workers’ rights by ensuring that the supply chain provides a safe environment and fair pay for all. Moreover, our commitment is to combat environmental degradation by endorsing recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Because the whole is greater than the sum

Happiness can only coeval with the present until it’s shared. The bliss of giving is allotted to seeing enlivenment on the faces of those we love most. This is the reason behind the birth of WeCord.
The Wecorders are the pulse of the brand. Our main purpose is to eternalize the purity of gift-giving and the sincerity of seeing it beautify the people wearing it.